sábado, 28 de junio de 2008

Supersuckers - La Mano Cornuda (1994)

La Mano Cornuda, or the horns of the devil, is The Supersuckers' most ambitious record to date as the intense guitar chord explosion first heard on The Smoke of Hell is joined with a more aggressive lead guitar attack that almost verges on The Supersuckers' closet dream of heavy metal machismo. Every song on La Mano Cornuda (with the exception of the limp punk-pop slacker anthem "On the Couch") embraces an overpowering rock jock attitude that will either disgust you or leave you rolling on the floor. Source [AMG]

Supersuckers - Creepy Jackalope Eye

Track Listing
1. Creepy Jackalope Eye
2. Seventeen Poles
3. High Ya!

4. On the Couch
5. Clueless
6. Sugie
7. Mudhead
8. Gold Top
9. How to Maximize Your Kill Count
10. I Was Born Without a Spine
11. Glad, Damn Glad
12. She's My Bitch
13. The Schmooze
14. Untitled


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