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Red Snapper - Making Bones (1998)

A full decade of acid jazz never produced a more stunning fusion of electronic music with live instrumentation than Making Bones. Poised halfway between Sly & Robbie and Roni Size, Red Snapper's first album for a worldwide audience surfs a wave of breakbeat funk that includes nods to dub, punk, soul, drum'n'bass and hip-hop. The rock-steady rhythm section of Richard Thair (drums) and Ali Friend (bass) holds the groove better than any sampler, tying together radically different material like classic British soul on "Image of You," metallic drum'n'bass on "The Sleepless" (with excellent rapping by MC Det) and the fusion update "Bogeyman" (with trumpeter Byron Wallen). It's obvious the Snapper have mastered all aspects of '90s electronic dance, and Making Bones is proof positive. Source: [AMG]

Red Snapper - The Sleepless

Track Listing
1. The Sleepless
2. Crease
3. Image of You
4. Bogeyman
5. The Tunnel
6. Like a Moving Truck
7. Spitalfields
8. Seeing Red
9. Suckerpunch
10. 4 Dead Monks


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