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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Experimental Remixes (1995)

With Experimental Remixes, various indie rock, dance, and hip-hop luminaries step in to remix and rearrange a handful of Blues Explosion songs, and manage to create an interesting and enjoyable collection. Jon Spencer has long voiced his admiration for hip-hop, so it's no surprise that he would want to collaborate with some of the best samplers and remixers in the business. Beck and the Beastie Boys' Mike D turn "Flavor" into a cut-and-paste workout, while Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic injects "Soul Typecast" with funk and menace. However, it's "Greyhound" that gets the best makeover, courtesy of Moby and the Wu-Tang Clan's Genius/GZA and Killah Priest. Moby's version is a screaming piece of techno-pop, with a brilliant guitar solo laid on top. This segues into Genius/GZA's starker version, in which nearly all of the instruments have dropped out, leaving only the rolling bassline and drums to contend with Killah Priest's rapping. Experimental Remixes is sure to appeal to both fans of the Blues Explosion and to fans of the artists featured throughout the album. [The import edition includes three bonus tracks: "Implosion," "Explo," and "Blues 'XXX' Man"]. Source: [AMG]

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Flavor

Track Listing
1. Bellbottoms (Old Rascal mix)
2. Flavor, Part 1
3. Flavor, Part 2
4. Soul Typecast
5. Greyhound, Part 1
6. Greyhound, Part 2
7. Tour Dairy
8. Implosion
9. Explo
10. Blues 'XXX' Man


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  1. Thank you so much for the The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.. He is good in Pussy Galore too.

  2. A great post! I was trying to find the 2005 "Crunchy" EP by the Blues Explosion with the amazing remixes by DFA & !!! when instead I stumbled onto your post of this album which I had totally forgotten about! My gods, is that really 15 years since it came out on Matador!! UNKLE had just broke if memory serves after a couple of great Mo'Wax 12 Inches and had just got into the remix game and what a track to begin with!
    If anyone does have the "Crunchy" EP please can I get a copy!