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Spin Doctors - Up For Grabs... Live (1991)

Although billed as a mere EP, this six-song live set recorded at New York City's Wetlands club in September 1990 runs 45 minutes, which used to be the length of a full-fledged album. Calling it an EP is a way of de-emphasizing its significance, since it is intended more as an introduction to the band than as the major statement implied by a debut album. Fair enough: Up for Grabs gives you the kinetic, groove-heavy approach of Spin Doctors, especially on the leadoff song, "Big Fat Funky Booty," and Christopher Barron proves to be a funny, crowd-pleasing frontman, but it's also obvious that not much money was spent producing this record. Source: [AMG]

Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

Track Listing
1. Big Fat Funky Booty
2. At This Hour
3. Freeway of the Plains/Lady Kerosene
4. Yo Mamas a Pajama
5. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
6. Rosetta Stone


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