jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots (1991)

While there is little denying the title track's status as one of Sonic Youth's strongest songs from their early-'90s period, the bonus live recordings are the real reason to own the Dirty Boots CD single. The scorching versions of "White Kross," "Eric's Trip," and "Cinderella's Big Score" reaffirm the group's status as one of the strongest live acts amid the alternative rock movement. Furthermore, this EP also includes an unreleased instrumental song, titled "The Bedroom," which isn't anything special, though it does make for an interesting listen. Source: [AMG]

Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots

Track Listing
1. Dirty Boots (Edit)
2. White Cross (Live)
3. Eric's Trip
4. Cinderella's Big Score (Live)
5. Dirty Boots (Live)
6. Bedroom (Live)


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