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The Chemical Brothers - Loops Of Fury (1996)

Loops of Fury is a non-album EP from The Chemical Brothers in 1996. It reached #13 on the UK charts. It stayed for one week.
The title track exemplifies the squelching synth lines and hard-hitting drums that became the Chemical Brothers' sound of the late 1990s and would be the blueprint of their tracks for years to come. It was used in the PlayStation game wipE’out 2097 and appeared on the accompanying wipE’out 2097 Soundtrack album. It was also included on the bonus disc of Singles 93-03, and as a B-side to the Japanese edition of “Setting Sun”.
"Get Up On It Like This" was included in a reworked form on the subsequent album Dig Your Own Hole. Source:

The Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats

Track Listing
1. Loops of Fury
2. (The Best Part of) Breaking Up
3. Get Up on It Like This
4. Chemical Beats (Dave Clarke Remix)


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