viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

The Vandalias - buzzbomb! (1998)

Such is the evocative power of the humbly crafted toe-tappers that these Minneapolis popsters deliver.... The Vandalias high concept--a madcap band of cartoony heartthrobs bounce through zany adventures involving muscle vans and mini-skirts--is pure guile. But the music is so smartly composed and cheerfully presented, the whole shebang actually achieves an intoxicating celebration of teen-dom. Plus, it rocks wicked good. Source: [Amazon]

Track Listing
1. buzzbomb!
2. Big Red Catalina 2:33
3. Funky Monkey Baby (live)
4. Charity at Home
5. Hey Kari G
6. Anywhere You Go
7. Down
8. Say I'm Sorry
9. These Others
10. No One Told Him
11. The End of the World


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