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Supernova - Ages 3 And Up (1995)

Supernova formed in 1989 by drummer Dave Collins, bassist Art Mitchell, and guitarist Hayden Thais. The band gained a following from their energetic and often wacky live performances, but it wasn't until 1992 that the band started releasing 7" singles on various indie labels, some of which went on to be major hits on college radio and with the indie music scene.

Supernova got significant exposure in 1994 when their song "Chewbacca" was featured in the smash hit indie movie Clerks. Later that year, however, Thais left the group, later to join two other sci-fi punk bands, Servotron and Man or Astro-Man?. He was replaced by Jodey Lawrence.

1996 saw the release of Supernova's first album, Ages 3 & Up, released on Amphetamine Reptile Records. A single, "Vitamins", was released, and received radio airplay. Source: [Wikipedia]


Super duper fun! A totally irresistible pop album that is as wacky as the Presidents of the United States of America's debut, but somehow more fulfilling. Maybe it's those three or four extra guitar strings that Supernova have up on the Presidents that give them the musical edge. I'm utterly aghast that this is an Am Rep release, but it's a damn fine one all the same. You'll need an appreciation of dork rock to get into Supernova, but this is entertaining, brainless fun. Source: [Amazon]

Supernova - Math

Track Listing
1. Vitamins
2. Oreo
3. Harry Gato
4. Up & Down
5. Mechanical
6. Gum Fighter
7. Wabbit
8. Invasion
9. Best Coat
10. Drool
11. Hippy
12. Sea Stunt
13. Daredevil
14. Math
15. Mentos
16. Boo!
17. Our Way
18. Electric Man
19. Supersong
20. Close Encounters


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